Learning sight words in kindergarten and first grade

lego sight word wall

If you have children in kindergarten or the early elementary school grades, they will be building up a sight-word vocabulary. These words are often referred to as Dolch words, high-frequency or high-utility words, or by other names.  Essentially, they are the words that kids need to be able to recognize quickly when they are reading that may not necessarily make phonetic sense in the way they are spelled. Ideally they are learning to write many of them in the process, too.

Children learn best when motivated. One thing that works well with my students is using fun materials to practice learning sight words.  My lego word wall is very popular with the grade one students at school early in the year, and the kindergarten students after Christmas, for example. The children find the pieces around the room, help each other read them, then build a structure with them.

For today, I wanted to draw your attention to this article with a demonstration video:  How to teach sight words to young children.

The teacher in the video, Anne Glass, explains sight words and demonstrates a lesson in teaching children about them. It is an excellent instructional and review tool for teachers and parents who have kindergarten and primary children learning sight words, and I hope you enjoy it!

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Help kids hear sounds Dolch vs sight


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